Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm Getting Fitter... Woo Hoo!

Well, I just completed a VO2 retest on my running.  This time I did something differently and instead of doing both sports (bike and run) at the same time, I split them up with the hopes that if I approached each test individually, on separate days, my effort level might be higher for each sport.  In addition to that, I had an updated resting metabolic rate test (RMR) performed so that I can send those results to Tara (my nutritionist) for my upcoming food plan.

My resting HR is 56 bpm which is about what I thought... and my HR zones have changed up somewhat... interesting that whether I'm in Z2 or Z3, I'm still burning quite a bit of fat (yeah!!!)

My metabolic rate was the most surprising of all... My RMR has increased by (are you ready for this?) 600 calories per day!!  Holy cow!  No wonder I've been feeling hungry!!  LOL!  The weird thing about my body is that at rest, I don't burn any fat calories.  How annoying!  In 2 years of being tested, I have had 1 test where I was burning fat calories at rest but now I'm thinking that was likely the 'blip' and that the 0 fat cals. burned at rest is my natural state... more incentive to keep moving, I say!!  I'm still burning quite steadily during activity and my metabolism has obviously sped up quite a bit since my last RMR test in December 2009... guess I'd better count my blessings ;)

I admit that it was quite gratifying to be able to run at a faster pace for my test this time around... I got up to 7.5 mph (that's fast for me!).  I wonder if I can get fit enough for 8.0 mph in 3 months' time or maybe... 8.5 mph? That would be pretty cool ;)  Something to look forward to...

Now we are at the start of another new training week and I'm entering Block 6 of my training schedule... at first glance, my workouts look brutal... it will be interesting to see how it plays out this week!  Wish me luck!! :)