Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun Times at the Pool

I hope that all of you got out there to enjoy the sun and beautiful warm temperatures we enjoyed on the long weekend.

Once again, I missed the Pride Parade (for years, I've wanted to go down and photograph... but something always seems to keep me in the west end of the city) - this year it was to enjoy an outdoor swim in Milton.

Rotary Park in Milton is a lovely outdoor 25m pool.  I always manage to make friends when I'm there (or anywhere else for that matter... LOL) and yesterday was no exception.

As I finished off my swim workout, I made friends with a little girl named Julia (7 years old) - who was there with her daddy (Klaus).  This little girl was amazing to watch.  Her swimming still looked more like paddling and she couldn't do a whole length but she was determined to try!  She was practicing flip turns.  Now, personally I can't do them and have only tried a couple of times but (after much reading up on the subject) I was able to help her time her somersault in order to get the wall push-off and glide. 

This little girl practiced and practiced and whenever I managed to suggest a tidbit that might help her, within 3 tries she would get it - and execute!  According to a coaching source, kids are notorious for this.  I still think she is a superstar.  I gave her a HUGE high-5 after that :)  If only I could pick things up that quickly - LOL!!

I figured she'd be tired but no - she wanted to RACE!  It was SO much fun to just play with her in the water and 'race' various things like - kicking on the back with no hands - kicking on the front with no hands - breaststroke... (ok, so I waited for her and slowed myself down so she had a chance to win...) but she was such a joy to behold!

I hope that I see my new little friend again when I am at Rotary Park.  It's great for us adults to remember to play in the water :)

Life is short - enjoy every moment!