Thursday, April 29, 2010

Never Underestimate the Power of Determination

So, if you've been following this blog, you know that I'm a fairly newbie swimmer - having just learned to swim 4 years ago...and still battling my fears and memories of near-drownings...

My last posting recounted my efforts to swim 2300m as programmed by JJ (my ever patient coach).  I did not quite succeed.  I swam 2100m.  My greatest distance to date.

Last week, during my endurance swim workout (they are every Tuesday night...if you frequent the Milton Leisure Centre, you will see me in the 'medium pace' lane, splashing about...striking up conversation with anyone who will speak to me... most of them aren't interested in chatting during their :10 rest breaks... ) I again tried to hit the elusive 2300m mark... but once again, due to a combination of factors, I didn't quite make it. 

Bathroom breaks while swimming really irk me!  Last week, once again, I did not actually spend the entire 1:15 in the pool... my session was punctuated by several bathroom trips... aargh!  Oh well... I just kept swimming and focused on quality rather than quantity. 

But... this week - I was on FIRE!  I got there early, watched the junior swim team do their thing and spent time chatting with their coaches on deck... identifying effective techniques of the catch and pull phase that I could hopefully put into action... for the 2200m program I had for this week.

I anxiously awaited the 'ok' to jump in and was off and swimming... one bathroom break (it was warp speed!) and 1:14:25 later... I had completed a swim distance of (drum roll please...)  2500m!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I doubt that any 10 year old child who just received a new puppy could have been any more excited than I was... 2500???  Holy cow!!!  My big distance was 1000m at Christmas - 4 months ago!??  There was no one there to witness this momentous occasion... even my lifeguard friend, Erin, had left...

I called JJ, and when he answered his cell, I stressed that he must 'hold the phone away from your (his) ear' and then let out a huge WHOOP of delight at my accomplishment!!   Poor guy... he had NO idea what he was in for when he took me on as a client... LOL!!  He's learning, though... ;)

At a time like this, there is really only one true way to celebrate:  with a delicious cupcake frosted with luscious buttercream.... mmmmmmmm....  I do enjoy swimming!!

- never underestimate the power of determination - each of us is capable of achieving so much more than we give ourselves credit for... it's an amazing thing, this gift of life!! 

- Shanti