Monday, July 19, 2010

Who Are YOU and What Have You Done With My Husband?

Well, as of yesterday, Misery Boots moved out... Village Idiot made a brief appearance (which I dutifully ignored) but now, in place of both of these, it seems that THE HAPPY PIXIE has moved into my house.  It's an improvement, believe me!! 

  • ... it dances
  • ... it sings
  • ... it tra la la's countdowns to Ironman race day... Sunday July 25th ( in days and hours)
  • ... it makes me wonder about the wonders of pharmaceutical sedation...
  • ... it stays up late, watching YouTube videos of (what else?)  IM races...
  • ... it sends me email links to videos above... saying 'Wow - look how    motivating!!!!' 

I'm not sure which part is the most motivational for me:  the guy puking on the bike as he rides; the people collapsed and seemingly unconscious in the middle of the course; the guy carrying his bike on the bike leg; the people being taken out on stretchers... the girl hooked up to an IV... the list goes on... yes, mighty motivating!!  LOL!!  At least no one filmed swimmers getting attacked by sharks or anything...

Strangely, The Happy Pixie doesn't wear elf boots or jingle with bells ... it looks like my husband and yet... it is not... it can't be... ?  The Pixie behaves like a 4 year old waiting impatiently for Santa Claus to arrive...

As exhausting as it is having a pixie living in my house... I'll take it!!  ;)

Countdown to IM Lake Placid: 

5 days and several hours... (I'm not mathematically inclined...)  

GO ERIC GO!!!!!!!!!