Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring... is that you?

It certainly looks and kind of feels like spring out there!

I just got contacted with respect to my availability to photograph different racing events this spring and summer - running and triathlon events.  It's got me all excited to get out and cheer and photograph (and ring my cowbell really loud... who am I kidding?? - that's my favourite part)

Not everyone can wield a long lens, hand-hold a camera AND ring a cowbell at events... however I've devised a way of doing this:  I attach it to myself!  If I wear it around my waist, all I have to do is 'shimmy' a little and it jangles!  Festive, huh?

I get laughed at a lot but always being one of the last finishers in a race, I know just how much that added enthusiasm can help get someone across the finish line. 

I'm dying to go out and RUN...   Oh.  My.  God.  I really really really really really wish I was able to run... or even be able to sit on my beautiful Guru - even if just on the trainer... sigh... hopefully not much longer...

I have to wait 2 more weeks to find out whether or not surgery will be the option of choice to 'heal' this stupid and painful pelvic injury (I hope... once and for all).  Till then... I'm going to try and be patient and hone my photographic skills... or something.

I finally baked myself a birthday cake (one month late) so I guess I'm cheering up a wee bit... ;) 

I can't believe how fast the time is flying by - soon we will be outside biking again (well, some people never really stopped this year... it hasn't been much of a winter in Ontario...) but better than that... (yes, I know... not all of you are this enthusiastic about swimming but...) OPEN WATER SWIMMING WILL START UP IN... 3 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!  I, for one, cannot wait :)  There is nothing like swimming in a lake!

Hope all of you are enjoying this mild weather and that your training plans are going well...