Wednesday, September 14, 2011

REV3 - Cedar Point

This past weekend we drove to Sandusky, Ohio for the Rev3 races.

What a blast!!

There were about 16 of us down there from the Toronto area and a great time was had by all.

The race itself was very professionally run and no one had any complaints. Most of the racers are planning to race there again!

There were definitely some small touches by the Rev3 people that really hit home with our racers.  One of which was the race numbers which were temporary tattoos!  I have to admit, they look much more professional in the photos than a number scrawled with a sharpie ;)  They also provided 'fun' temporary tattoos for the racers...

Bike racks are also different - you slide your front wheel into a floor rack which holds your bike upright and no need to fret about your handlebars or brake hoods hanging over the typically seen bike rack.  In addition to that, the Rev3 people give each racer a nameplate at their bike rack where they are to put their bikes.  A really nice, professional touch!  (The pros actually got posters of themselves at their rack sites!)

I went to the practice swim in Lake Erie on Saturday morning - had to wade through 2' of MUD to get into the water - I kid you not!  LOL!  It was a riot!

The theme of the park is Peanuts... well, I'll tell ya, anyone who went for a dip on Saturday morning, came out looking like Pigpen!!

The water itself, although you could not see your hand enter the water, didn't taste bad and was quite pleasant in temperature.  Cool but not cold.  My toes were chilly and never did warm up but apparently I'm an oddity that way...

I hear that the bike course is scenic and very nice.  The run course left a bit to be desired as apparently it is not very scenic but overall, everyone really enjoyed this venue.

We will be back there next September as I will be racing the half-iron distance (I deferred it from this year) and I think we'll have an even bigger showing of Toronto friends next season!