Tuesday, February 16, 2010

With Thanks - and Recommendations ...

Valentine's Day came and went and while I consider it to be more of a Hallmark holiday and don't celebrate it per se, it made me think of love and gratitude for those in my life.

We all know people who provide support throughout our athletic (and LIFE) journeys... I wanted to share a few of mine and express my gratitude for each... (you can find links in the LINKS section)

  • JJ Neely (Milton, ON) -- without him, I would have little to no direction in my training schedule and would not be accomplishing half of what I'm doing right now!
  • Getting a coach was the best thing I could have done for myself! 
  • The ongoing support and direction is invaluable to me -- Thanks, JJ!! 

  • Ian MacLean (Milton, ON) - IMFIT and Younique Cycles 
  • Thanks to Ian, a Guru dealer, I enjoy a wonderful ride and comfortable fit on my (teeny weeny) custom Guru road bike and soon... my custom (teeny weeny) Guru TT bike
  • In addition to building me my awesome ride, Ian does all of my VO2 testing as well - and has state of the art equipment for same - I see him every 4-6 months for repeat VO2 tests for bike and run and take that information away with me so that I can train based on my heart rate (HR) - this has transformed my training and helped me to reach new heights of fitness - Thanks, Ian!!

  • What can I say?  Without a great physiotherapist in my corner, I'd be a mess!  LOL! 
  • I'm so grateful to the therapists and staff at Kings Cross Physiotherapy in Brampton, ON for keeping me 'upright and smiling' throughout my athletic endeavours - Thanks, Steve!!

  • Tara Postnikoff (HEAL Nutrition) and I have just started our journey together towards a healthier, well-nourished for sports training and racing SUE
  • I'm a vegetarian (lacto-ovo) and was really hoping to do this whole training thing on whole foods but within 4 months of beginning this journey, I'm realizing that it is extremely hard - so now I have to learn more about sports aids and how and when they are most effective for my needs
  • I'm excited to have someone in my corner who can really help me to understand my nutritional needs for my new lifestyle and adopt best practices for me
  • I look forward to less bonking and more energy for my workouts and events!  Thanks, Tara!!

  • Who doesn't need a good massage during their athletic life?
  • I'm grateful to Peter Volkes and Angela Nardella at Optimal Health and Performance in Brampton, ON, for helping me with the things that I just can't do for myself and for giving me license to RELAX and let someone else take over... Thanks Peter and Angela!!


FMCT (Fletcher's Meadow Cross Trainers) - Brampton, ON
    • I have made many friends in the club and cherish those friendships
    • if I had not joined this group I would have missed out on many great experiences!
    • we have a lot of fun together and enjoy training and playing together!
    • group spin classes; coached swims; group runs, rides... FMCT has it all
    • road trips and group socials are a big part of this fun group!
Mississauga Triathlon Club - Mississauga, ON
    • if it were not for this group, I would not be swimming now... I owe them a HUGE 'thank you' for welcoming me to their swim program when I had just taken learn to swim lessons and was incapable of swimming a decent 25m of ANY stroke (other masters' swim programs turned me down!)
    • whether you have been swimming your whole life or are just starting out (as I was) this group will welcome you and provide you with top-notch coaching - there is truly something for everyone!
    • great people who enjoy the lifestyle and training as well as the social aspects :)
    • coached swimming, coached spin classes and more...

  • I can't leave him out - he's my biggest supporter through all of this and has been since we met 4 years ago!
  • Eric's belief in my athletic abilities far outweigh my own but I'm starting to really enjoy my personal sports accomplishments and am glad I have him on my side and we can motivate each other (Eric is doing his first IM at Lake Placid in July 2010)
  • Thank you for not laughing out loud when, 4 years ago, (terrified) I was incapable of swimming even 5 meters in a lake without sputtering and panicking
  • Thank you for embracing the fact that your wife will likely always scream "WHEE!" on her way down a big hill and you will hear her laughing in the distance
  • Thank you for understanding that a faster course time is less important to me than petting and loving all of the dogs along the course!
  • Thank you for encouraging me to keep trying and for loving me enough to let me spread my wings and fly!
  • Thank you for being you xoxo