Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring? Is that YOU??!

Oh joy oh joy!  The sun is out in Toronto and the days are getting longer!  Nothing is as sublime as seeing the sunrise over the lake on my way into the office each morning!  The only thing missing on a morning like this, is my camera... although if I had packed it... I would have been very late for work this morning!

The furkids are loving the weather too... windows are open at home and their whiskers are twitching with the smell of spring in the air! 

Running is beautiful this time of year... the sun glinting off the water... people out on bikes enjoying the day... and DOGS - everywhere!  Nothing cheers me up the way meeting dogs on the run does!  Whether it's a training run or a race, I always stop and introduce myself and give a few pats or strokes (sometimes a kiss...)

It will be a wonderful week for running and biking outside!  I can hardly wait!