Thursday, June 2, 2011

Milton Tri/Du is this Weekend!

So... who's racing at Milton this weekend? 

It's shaping up to be a nice day so hopefully the warmer weather this week will have warmed up the water at Kelso and people won't be blue when they come out ;)

I have never done this race for one very simple reason:  I am afraid of heights.  Yep.  I said it.  The Sixth Line hill is something that makes my stomach drop... I have ridden down it - once... feathering my brakes all the way (not as bad as riding 9km downhill into Keane from Lake Placid but... pretty scary for me all the same).  I have never attempted to ride UP that hill.  Somehow I don't think I could... although without trying, I guess I'll never know... LOL!

I admire anyone who likes to race this event because of the above mentioned hill.  I am amazed to see racers come FLYING down that hill, with a sharp left turn at the end... and my breath tends to whoosh out as I hope for them that they don't hit gravel or sand or... otherwise crash at that turn.  I'm a spaz, you see... I take that left turn at the bottom like a little old lady from Pasadena ;)

Anyhoo... this post was not supposed to be about me... was it?  LOL! 

I really hope that everyone who is racing this weekend has a fabulous experience and if you flat and need a tire change - may it be swift :)

I plan to be up there on Sunday morning, giant zoom lens in hand... snapping pics of the athletes.  I'll be wearing Sugoi Brand Champion gear and I'm about 4'10"... so if you see a tiny girl in red/black/silver with a big camera... say HI!!

Happy Racing!!!!

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  1. I have some friends racing this weekend, MUCH too cold (water) for me though. I may go up to cheer some folks on, we'll see.