Monday, August 9, 2010

Timberman 70.3 - 13 days and Counting...

It seems really hard to believe that in 13 days, I will be in New Hampshire, and getting ready to race at Timberman 70.3.  I still can't get my head wrapped around this... I keep flashing back to a year ago, when I was barely swimming 25m without a rest break, or running 1 and 1's for 10 sets... and trying to remind myself that I'm different now.  My brain hasn't quite caught up yet...

Yesterday, I went out for (what I think was) my last long ride before the race.  I say 'think' because, clearly, I have no real clue what is really going on... and at the moment I'm kind of too tired to really care... I just follow directions.  LOL! 

I would have thought that by now, after 10 months of training, that I would 'get it' and figure out what is going on... but obviously not... it still feels like a magic trick when I pull off a good training day!  Yesterday's nearly 4-hour bike ride on what turned out to be a very blustery day was a complete surprise:  I felt good!  I didn't know I could do that!!  LOL!  I know, you'd think that with all of the training and consistency I've been maintaining for 10 months, it would be a no-brainer but once again - MAGIC!  ;) 

This has been an amazing journey of self-discovery unlike anything I've embarked upon before.  I still find it completely fascinating that my body adapts to the training demands and keeps getting stronger (next year, I will hope for 'faster'...) and carrying me forwards when my brain seems to think that it's game over. 

I'm still not sure if I'll be fast enough to make all of the various cutoffs at the race.  I 'should' be able to make them... barring any unforeseen circumstances (that's life, right?) but I have to keep reminding myself that I CAN DO THIS.  Whether or not I can do this within an allotted time, I'm still not sure... all I can do is TRI... ;) 

So now I guess the tapering begins - or soon, anyway... I'm a little nervous.  The mood-swings alone are enough to make me question my sanity.  Last week, in a period of 24 hours I experienced nervousness, panic, apathy and extreme excitement - oh great... now I'm turning into a bipolar pixie... wonderful!

At least this week, I have the task of baking and decorating about 100 cupcakes for various functions.  That should keep the brain occupied...

Happy Training, Everyone!  Summer is not yet over!!!

- Sue

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  1. Yay for comments!

    A good training day isn't magic, it just feels like magic.I'm sure you will do great at Tman.