Thursday, August 12, 2010

Timberman - Bib Numbers and Swim Wave Start Times Posted

It's official:  I have a bib number for Timberman -- it's 690.

My swim wave goes off at 7:20am -- Wave 6 out of 18 in total...
My biggest concern right now is how many of the people in the 12 waves that start after me, will attempt to swim over or through me on their way...?  I feel kinda sick... I imagine this will pass as soon as I chew on some Tums or something... or better yet, perhaps I shall meditate on this... like a good yogini. 

I was actually feeling pretty 'level' today until I read the blog post of another athlete competing in the same race who had noted that bib numbers and swim waves were posted (it hadn't even occurred to me to check the site...).  Once I saw my name in print my stomach dropped to the floor. 

This is real.

Oh. My. God.

Well... I guess now at least I can plan my swim strategy (stay the HELL out of everyone's way...) and at least now I can approximate the clock times of the cutoffs for the various events.  I'm sure once I'm actually racing I will not be lucid enough to actually do the math in my head so I'll likely be wearing 2 wrist units - one watch with race timer plus one Garmin HR monitor wrist unit... at least the tan lines will be even...

Does everyone feel this alternating sense of dread/excitement before their 'A' race of the season or is it more of a 'first-timer' thing...?  I wonder...


  1. I just peed a little I am so freaked out and excited.

    See you at Timberman! I am freaking out too, I am telling myself it is completely normal.

    You are going to do awesome!! WOOT.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Ok, this is wierd but I think we went to school together. I saw you post on Mandy's blog and recognized the name, link to here, check my facebook and yes, I think it's you! Not sure if you remember me or if we were in the same year, I'm Adena (Andersen). I am doing my first sprint tri this year (milton Sep 5). Have a great time at Timberman!!

  3. I am sure you will come up with a great swim strategy. Along with your good yogini meditation you will go into your event and swim strong in mind.

    You have done the training - allow the week ahead for building anticipation and know that all of us (me!!!) who can't be there will be meditating that day/morning and directing all my positive energy to you.