Wednesday, December 14, 2011

7th Annual Santa Speedo Run - Toronto

The Toronto Santa Speedo Run is a fun event that runs every year in downtown Toronto - to the delight and dismay of many shoppers, store merchants and motorists...  It's not a race... it's a 3km run through the downtown area, dressed in only a red Speedo (festive adornments are permitted). 

Once again, Eric and I undressed for success (or something...) to run through Yorkville, amid the gawkers and the photographers - all for the purpose of raising funds for the Sick Kids' Hospital Toys and Games Fund.

The best part of this event?  Every single penny goes to the charity - nothing is kept by the organizers or advertizers!

This year was by far the coldest Speedo Run we've ever taken part in... it was below zero and the wind felt like it bit into our skin as we rounded the corners... there were a lot of rosy cheeks this year...

A good time was had by all - as usual!

Thank you to all of my sponsors for their very generous donations to this worthy cause!  (Even though I realize that you likely just like to see me make a fool of myself each year and are willing to pay for that... which I'm okay with!  It's for charity, after all...) 

The Festive Season is upon us!  HO!  HO!!  HO!!!

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