Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Proof that life can get better after 40...

Proof that life really can get better after 40:

  • I got engaged to Eric... then married him!
  • I took up running and met great new friends at the Running Room
  • I completed 2 half-marathons
  • I learned to swim
  • I swam in the pool, the lake and the ocean - and didn't drown :)
  • I surfed in Costa Rica (I had wanted to do that since I was 5 years old!)
  • I swam with the green turtles in Mexico
  • I got my first road bike and learned to ride clipless
  • I joined a triathlon club and made new friends
  • I joined a second club - and made even more new friends
  • I started yoga training with Shiva Rea and met some fabulous new yogini friends at Kripalu
  • I learned to laugh at myself in a wetsuit
  • I did a couple of small triathlons (and survived the swim leg!)
  • I came in dead last in an Olympic distance duathlon – and survived to laugh about it!
  • I upgraded my Trek road bike to my custom Guru
  • I took up photography as a serious hobby
  • I reconnected with my old classmates via Facebook and at our high school reunion and it was wonderful
  • I got a triathlon coach
  • I signed up for a half-iron distance race: Timberman 2010
  • I’m currently training for same... and each week I surprise the heck out of myself with my abilities (who knew??)
  • I got accepted into the Sugoi Brand Champions program
  • I started volunteering with the kids’ triathlon program and felt my heart open to these amazing young people (ages 7-13) who are doing all of the things that it took me 40 years to start doing...

 All this in 4 years...??

On this day, my 44th birthday (!) I am completely blessed with great friends and family and looking forward to see what the rest of my Fabulous Forties have in store!!

The journey continues... how exciting!!