Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welland Races This Weekend! Who's Racing??

This weekend, Welland will be hosting the array of races put on by Multisport.

Although I cannot race as originally planned, I will be there with my giant zoom lens in hand, ready to capture the smiling, grimacing and sweating faces of the athletes as they do their thing.

In honour of their accomplishments, I've baked my 100-Mile Chocolate Cake (rich and dark chocolate fudge chiffon cake topped with Belgian chocolate ganache...) I'm sure more than a few race finishers will enjoy a slab of that after their efforts  - photography doesn't burn off the same amount of calories so I'll be eating an apple...   :)

If you are planning to be in Welland this upcoming weekend, look for me on course and SMILE!!  I'll be the tiny girl wearing Sugoi BC gear (silver-white-red-black) with the big camera lens... cheering LOUDLY!!

Happy racing everyone!!

- Sue