Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photographs at Bracebridge Triathlon Races Sun Aug 6th

We were in Bracebridge on the above date to enjoy the races put on by MultiSport Triathlon Series. 

Eric raced the olympic distance race with much competitive spirit and enthusiasm. 

I am still unable to do much of anything so instead, I enthusiastically shot photos for My Sports Shooter (Mike Cheliak) at the races.  I was apparently the only person at the race (official phographer, race volunteer or spectator) that had a cow bell with them.  I say that because a) I didn't hear anyone else ringing a bell and, b) several people asked if that was me that they heard clanging one... ;) 

I've got it down to a science now:  I attach the bell to either my backpack (if I'm wearing one) or to my belt loop, so that I have both hands to wield the Canon and big zoom lens - and in order to ring the bell, I only have to shimmy and shake ;)

It's also a good way to get participants to look your way while you are shooting them - it's hard to ignore a clanging bell... it begs a little bit of attention... :)

It was certainly different taking photos as an 'official' photographer - I got to wear a vest!  And... drum roll... no one jumped in front of my camera while I was standing/sitting and shooting the racers!  Why the wearing of a loudly coloured vest makes the difference between people being considerate of the small girl with the large camera lens vs. pretending they don't see her, I am not clear... but that's okay.  Come to think of it, I may just wear that vest all the time - at the grocery store, in crowds... maybe people will finally notice I'm down there!

I know, you are shaking your head thinking, 'What is she talking about?'.... well, the sad truth is that when you're only 4'10" tall, many 'tall' people just walk along, completely oblivious to those who are not at their eye level and walk right into you!!  I honestly don't know how more children don't suffer injuries (we are the same size...)

Anyway... back to the race...

I missed the swim start because I was shooting the bike course.  A bit sad, as I love seeing them all come charging up the beach from the water... but the bike course gave me an opportunity to see every single racer. 

It was fun to see all of the racers - from the competitive crowd in the olympic distance who are so focused that they don't even look at the crowd - to the first-timers, who are either thrilled with themselves for getting out there and trying something new or terrified of the event in general... in many ways, I think seeing the first-timers is the best part.  They are not yet so competitive that they forget to enjoy the experience as it unfolds.  There is nothing quite like spotting a newbie in my lens, thrilled and empowered by this athletic body that they didn't know they possessed, flashing a big smile or a thumbs-up as they ride by or come running into the chute... still not quite believing that they managed to pull it off ;)  Just like someone else I know...

I'm hoping to be an official shooter at the Toronto Island triathlon races next.  If you are racing... remember to SMILE for the camera !!