Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Progress is being made... week by week :)

Sometimes it's hard to recognize your successes and it can be so easy to begin replaying those old tapes in your head...you know the ones I mean... the out-of-date, meaningless messages of inadequacy and lack of self-confidence tapes...

This past week was challenging from the perspective of health issues (nothing major - more just niggling, annoying things that kept me from doing the things I wanted to do) and the resultant mental noise (chaos) that stemmed from that.

I found myself questioning my abilities and wondering if I was able to continue the progression I'd been seeing thus far or if I'd hit my limits with how far I could go with my training. 

On Sunday, I was actually disappointed that I 'only' swam 1500m.  I'd been hoping for more.  My husband (Eric) just laughed!

So, in an attempt to quiet the demons in my own mind, I looked back over the workouts I had completed from the time I started with my coach (JJ) in October 2009...


  • In October, I was swimming 700m on my Tues night 'long' swims... and running 2:1's
  •  At Christmas I was running 9:1's... long swim was 900m....
  •  By New Year's Day I was swimming 1200m
  •  On my birthday - January 26th - I swam my first 1500m and then within a week, hit 1650m at the pool on Sunday...
  •  I'm now able to run 30 mins steady and my long runs have increased to about 90 minutes in length while I train for the Around the Bay (2-man relay) on Sunday March 30th.

WOW - when I look back, I guess I am accomplishing a lot!!  I really hope I can stay positive and recognize and celebrate my successes without worrying about the 'wanting more'... it will come... when the time is right.  Yoga has taught me that much! :)  Keep moving forward... or, in the words of Dory (Finding Nemo) "Just keep swimming..."