Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Consistency in Training

I did warn you in the 'about me' section that I'm a Cat Lady... well, I was thinking about consistency in training and how that has been applied not only to myself but also to the furkids...

It's kinda cool to see the furkids in action... if I compare the various race distances for a triathlon with the kids' efforts, it may help illustrate this for you...

Consistency in training pays off!!

We're now into our 2nd full week of training and the results speak for themselves...

Polly: this kid is built for endurance - Polly started with 3.5 laps before getting winded and being forced to rest... now, after only 2 weeks of daily training, she can do 4-5 laps at a time!! Consistency in training is paying off!! She is currently training to race olympic distance. Someday she will be an IRON CAT! Perhaps even an ultra runner!

Winnie: she is all about the sprint distance event. She does one lap - HARD - then takes her rest breaks and works on her strategy for her next sprint. We are working on her level of motivation as it's obvious she can do more but chooses not to work to her full potential... with her long legs and extra height, we think she will do great things come race season! Not to mention her waterproof coat should be a big help for the swim!

Tink: she is good in the sprint distance too although she is working her way upwards from there - she can do about 1.5-2 training laps before taking her rest break. Tink tends to hold herself back so that other competitors can do their thing... for her, it's more about the 'fun' aspect of the journey of the race rather than the end result

Karuna: super-stealthy Karuna likes to pretend that 'she doesn't play' but every once in a while... Wow! Look at her go!! FANCY FOOTWORK!!! She'd be awesome at "Whack A Mole"!! When she runs a lap of the course, she STREAKS by like an elite Kenyan on her long legs... we suspect she is doing Secret Ninja Stealth Training on her own...

Jenny: she still enjoys a good quality training session, even though she now competes in the Masters' Division. She's still got what it takes and at a relative age of 60+ years, it's a joy to see her compete with the younger kitts! Her sporty new haircut makes her fast and more aerodynamic.

Elliott: another Masters' Division athlete, Elliott doesn't race as often anymore but he still knows how to rock the course whenever he feels like it. He and his twin sister, Jenny are shining examples of how a healthy lifestyle and solid nutritional plan pay off!

Georgie: small and light on her feet, she doesn't like the straight/flat courses so much - preferring something a little more technical... for her it's ALL about strategy - she'll do a quick lap for training and then she goes into 'stealth mode' - hunkering down to be camouflaged by neighbouring furniture... and then leaping out and attacking the course again when the other competitors least expect it!

Bridget: the rookie... Bridget has smaller, more appropriate (for her) training goals - number one being to increase her base level of fitness and shed some excess weight. She started out with a super-sprint distance run course (0.5 lap) but in just 2 short weeks she has built stamina and endurance and has just graduated to sprint distance, completing 1 entire lap of the course! We are all so very proud of her!! She still has a lot of untapped potential!


Never give up!!