Tuesday, January 4, 2011

173 Days Til My First Race of the Season

December seems like it was a blur of baking, work, food, Christmas lunches and other assorted tidbits - like me getting my Canadian citizenship a few days before Christmas and then going to apply for a Canadian passport.  I've lived here for 35 years... it seemed like a good time. I now hold dual citizenship.

As for the whirlwind of of the holiday season... I was sick.  The entire time.  Yep.  Christmas day I leaped out of bed (sort of) and went for an hour run (before I could change my mind), then made blueberry buttermilk pancakes and then promptly went back to sleep for the day.  Eric went out to a movie.  The next day Eric went back to work.  I remained in the house... mostly in my pajamas...until yesterday.  In beween, I ran on the treadmill, rode my trainer, slept and watched movies.  Lots of movies. Mostly horror.

Now that I've watched Saw I-IV (twice each!), 1408, some others that I don't remember (they were that good) and going out to see Black Swan yesterday - I'm ready to morph into 'Athlete' Sue again.  Maybe if I say it out loud frequently enough...?

Back to work today and it feels like I never left the place (or slept) - LOL!

Welland races are in 173 days... eek!

Is it 'normal' to feel so sluggish at the first of the new year?  Ugh!!

Perhaps I should start wearing some spandex or compression gear to work each day (layers or something) to remind myself that I - AM - A - MACHINE...

Yeah... that could work...