Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Race Season Is Upon Us

... or it is upon some of us... personally I'd be happy to just get back to training...

I've now been injured and unable to train for... about 4 weeks.  My emotions have run the gamut from anger to frustration to defeat...  all the while I am still trying to smile - but it's hard.

I have (4 weeks later) not yet got a confirmed diagnosis.  Is it a hernia?  Is it a stress fracture of my symphysis pubis?  We just don't know...   That is the most frustrating part.   Oh - and the unrelenting pain in my groin.  And.  Orders to not do ANYTHING - not even go for a long walk (no problem there - it hurts too much anyway...)

So... I wasn't all that disappointed to miss running the half marathon at Mississauga on Sunday in the pouring rain except that I know I could have done even better than last year and I was so excited to run it and run it well... at my new super-fast pace... sigh...

Many of my friends and training partners ran fabulous race times and some qualified for Boston as well - congrats to all of them!

What's next?  Well, I have a training long weekend planned in Muskoka for the weekend after next.  That should be a blast (insert sarcasm here) - as everyone enjoys the hills for running and cycling... and I while away my time in the ice cream shop in town - LOL! 

Followed by... Welland triathlon weekend!  Yay!!  I'm very excited that a friend of mine will be doing her first try a tri at Welland and she is petrified - remember that??!  I know she's going to have a lot of fun and will do just fine :)  I doubt that, unlike me, she will bawl her eyes out on the drive to the race site - so right there, she's got a lot going for her and more confidence than I had!  LOL!

As for me... I will wait, oh so impatiently, for ultrasound results regarding the hernia situation and if it's not that... perhaps I can enjoy a bone scan or MRI for pelvic stress fracture investigations.

Onward... luckily I have fabulous camera equipment I can drag to races and photograph my friends...

Happy long weekend everyone!