Friday, March 4, 2011

Book Review - Born to Run

Have you read this book???  It's AMAZING!! I can't remember the last time I read a book that had me avidly turning the pages, dying for more... diverting my attention to the internet to do some extra curricular research on the various people mentioned within those pages, smiling, laughing and even crying as I read!

The book is really well-written and talks about elite ultra runners, tribal runners, running legends... the beauty of the human spirit and the fact that anthropologically, we were 'born to run'.

After reading all about strengthening feet (I'm a yogini with a PASSION for feet - just ask my students!!) and various footwear and their relative attributes - for good or evil... I've now got this hugely renewed desire to RUN... fast... slow... uphill... tempo... in rain, sleet or snow... as long as I'm RUNNING...

You know where this is going, folks... I WANT TO RUN AN ULTRA!!!!!   OMG - how much fun would that be?!! 

In case you didn't figure it out, I have OCD... welcome to life with someone who takes in everything exciting in great gulps of delight, wanting more, more, more... usually immediately ;)

Obviously I am not ready for this... yet... at least not while my training is geared towards triathlon (I'm a TRYathlete, you know!) but someday... when I have greater endurance and stamina... I really want to do one... somewhere really cool - like in the mountains or somewhere... I've been checking out some of the really neat-sounding races all over North America - my friend, Tina the Trail Queen is going to be SO excited that I'M so excited... because, like me, she's an Aquarian and has a good deal of OCD herself when it comes to things she's passionate about. 

So anyway, I guess this wasn't much of a book review, per se but the experience of reading this book has done SO much in terms of revving me up, renewing my desire to become a more efficient and gentler runner and ENJOY THE JOURNEY without so much fixation on the destination. 

Once again - another yogic lesson :)  See?  They're everywhere!  That's the beauty of universal truths...

Anyone else done one of these or want to??  I want to hear your story!

- Sue