Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is here and that means... more swimming!

Not for long, though - they have forecasted 5cm of snow overnight - LOL!

I guess I'll wait a couple more weeks before I put the bike rack back on the Subaru...

For now, it's a beautiful and sunny day and I am dreaming of riding and running outside in the sunshine... enjoying the breeze as it ripples through my long, flowing golden locks... my long, shapely and well-muscled legs moving effortlessly as I traverse all kinds of terrain...oh wait - that's not me... I have short-cropped brunette hair... and I'm only 4'11"... oh well... it was a nice image :)

Race season is coming... race season is coming... not that I'm looking forward to it... much!

I've been trying to talk everyone I meet into racing at Welland this June... let's make it a party with tons of friends!!  It's only an hour's drive from home and it's a friendly race.  The water is warm and calm.  The run and bike courses are flat.  There is food at the end.  That's a pretty good combination, if you ask me!

I am getting back into the swing of things now - adding back my 3rd weekly swim every Tuesday, as of tonight.  It's been 5 months of no Tuesday swims.  I'm not sure if I'm more excited or scared...

I've been feeling like a very unsuccesful guppy these days... I'm now the slowest in my lane on both Friday and Sunday morning swims... ugh.  I'm not overly competitive... I just hate being the SLOWEST!  I'm still hoping that somehow this will turn around for me before the lake is open for business at the end of May.  Not that anyone can tell how slow I am in a lake but I'm starting to panic a bit about how much less I can swim in an hour now, compared to 5-6 months ago... luckily I'm not racing a half-iron distance till September 11, 2011, so I have plenty of time to build myself up again (or so people keep telling me). 

In the meantime, I am trying to work on balancing out my stroke - bilateral breathing all the way... (to the bottom of the pool is how it feels some days...) but I'm continuing on this quest for a fluid and balanced stroke - no matter how frustrating this is for me.  Eventually this will pay off and start coming together.  I hope it's soon... it's so hard to be patient with myself...

Happy training everyone!