Friday, February 10, 2012

What Are YOU Training For?

It feels like spring in Toronto.  We've seen highs of 9 degrees celsius - in February!  The sun has been shining, the sidewalks and roads are almost dry - and not a speck of snow... feels rather weird but at the same time it makes me think "SPRING IS COMING!  SPRING IS COMING!!"

Granted, I'd be more excited about that if I could actually get out and run (or cycle) but I'll take what I can get at the moment... for the time being it's nice enough to open up the windows, sing along with the radio (loud!) and dream that I am flying along the sidewalks and roads under my own speed (instead of in my car).

Apparently we are going back into a deep freeze tonight with -20 temperatures but somehow in my heart and mind, spring is already here :)

So... with that in mind... my determination to train hard (with rehab) for my return to triathlon training is in full swing now.  I've been experiencing about 50% less pain this week so I'm full of smiles and happily doing my band exercises at home and at work... getting some interesting looks from people as I practice balance drills in my cubicle... I'm now kind of optimistic that perhaps by April I will be back on the road to some degree of triathlon-related activity. 

What are YOU training for?