Friday, September 23, 2011

Sniff... It's Over... !

Yes, summer is officially over as of 5:04am today.  Oh well.  It's a bit too chilly to swim in the lake right now anyway... brrrr....

Onward we must go - to the season that I love - FALL!  Ah, yes, the cooler, crisp air, the swirling leaves on the ground and in the air... the smell of the trails... I LOVE IT!

I admit that last week I was in a bit of a funk, thinking about the summer that was - without any racing or running... but this week, I have a whole new, fresh outlook.

I RAN.  Yep!  First time in 5 months! 

Was it a long run? - Nope.  6 whole minutes on a treadmill

Was it fast? - Hell no - it was set at 3.8-4.5 mph

Was it a long, open stride?  LOL!  It was more like a tiny dog, moving it's legs in a very VERY fast trot with teensy steps!

Did it feel good? - OMG - you have NO idea how good it felt!!

It's amazing how quickly we forget what how much we have to be grateful for, especially when overachieving, OCD, A-personality types like (most athletes) us, suffer an injury that sidelines us from the activities that we love.

I feel renewed!  I RAN!  I was beaming as I went upstairs, filled out my Training Peaks log for my coach and then proceeded to send emails to several people.  I RAN!  I RAN!!  WOO HOO!!!!!!  I'M A SUPERSTAR!  ... you get the point...

Anyway, this is not something I can yet repeat on a daily or even a bi-weekly basis at this point in rehab - but for now - I'll take it!

It's a beautiful day - get out there!  :)