Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Race #2: Mississauga Half Marathon - May 16th

Well, race season appears to be getting into full swing now!  Too bad Mother Nature doesn't seem to have received the message that SPRING should have SPRUNG and hung around for a little while longer than, say... 4 days??  

Last week I saw temperatures hit 26 celsius... this week we have frost warnings.... there is something rotten in the state of Denmark...

Anyway, now that I no longer have ready access to warm winter running clothes but I can quite easily grab a pair of breezy shorts and a singlet as I fumble around in the dark... that can only mean one thing:  It will be a brisk run on Sunday!

Having only run 3 half-marathons (and only 1 was run well), I'm really looking forward to Sunday's event as a measure of how far along I am in my fitness journey.  Actually, I was questioning my coach why I didn't get more of a taper this week, since I had a half-marathon to run on Sunday... at which point he reminded me that I'm training to be a 70.3 triathlete ... and need to learn to run while tired...(kind of like at Timberman...?) and then it kind of hit me:  OH MY GOD - I'M GOING TO BE A 70.3 TRIATHLETE!??!!!

Somehow, I still haven't gotten my head around this... I just fumble along in my training sessions, never really looking all that far ahead (because it's only going to scare me...) and really have no concept how this will play out on Race Day (ie. 'A' Race... Timberman).

It should be interesting...

Happy Training and Racing, Y'all!

- Sue