Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Race Season is Upon Us - Race #1: Around the Bay 15km Relay

In 4 days' time I will be in Hamilton for the Around the Bay race - as the first man in the 2-man relay team "Tri Hards" -- Eric is doing the second part of the race... (he stepped up to help me when my original relay partner had to drop out).  He is a fast runner.  I am not.  This should be interesting!

Last year I signed up for ATB and was really thinking I could train and be ready for it... I wasn't... I was completely sidelined by injuries... I sold my registration and bib...

This year - I am READY!  Figuring 30km distance was going to be too big of a hurdle for my training, I opted to sign up for the 2-man relay.  I was planning on doing the second half of the race (complete with HILLS, the Grim Reaper and the glory of running into Copps Colliseum to the sound of cheering voices... having only sat in the stands and watched the other runners until now, I was SO looking forward to that!

That was until a few weeks ago, when JJ pointed out that I have 'plenty of time to train hills' and said he'd rather I do the first part... oh, okay... I'm a bit bummed because according to the race site, I get to board a bus to the FINISH LINE (which I am not allowed to cross) while I wait for my partner to finish the race with all of the pomp and circumstance that goes along with the finish line... grrrr!  So... I wonder, how do I get my medal?  Does Eric get presented with an extra one that he can just hand off to me, 'Good job, Bear'...?  Wow - how anti-climactic is that?!? 

I know, I know... I'm a yogini!  I'm not supposed to be competitive... sigh... okay, so I was psyched to run hills and meet the Grim Reaper that I keep hearing about... and run down the chute to the finish line... instead I think it will just feel like another 'long run' for me... as I board the bus and get dropped off to wait for Eric to cross... there's always next year...

Ah well, I comfortably ran the distance last weekend so I know I am prepared... and I'm still excited... though not as much... which means I have to focus more of that excitement on the anticipation of all of the fabulous DOGS I can meet, greet and cuddle on the course!  I hope it's a nice day!!