Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting REVved up for 2011!

I just officially signed up for one of my races for 2011:  the Half-Rev at Rev3 Cedar Point, September 11, 2011.  That's a half-iron distance in case you didn't know... it's at Cedar Point amusement park - which is pretty neat if you have a family (our cats don't enjoy roller coasters...) but if you HAVE kids... I think it's a great venue!!

Just on a whim, I signed Eric up today as well - it's his Christmas present!  Imagine his surprise when he got the confirmation in his INBOX... LOL!

It should be a good time.  I know a couple of people who raced it this year and aside from the WaVy conditions of the water, it sounds like it's going to be a nice venue.  Race day apparently there were 2' swells but the day before they were closer to 5'???  EEEK!

Of course, newbie swimmer that I am, I'm a little daunted by less than perfect water conditions (read:  not too cold, not too wavy, not too murky...) but I'm determined and more than a little stubborn when I want to do something so... I vow to NAIL that swim - come Hell or high water!  (how fitting, eh??)  Just kidding... actually it might be more than just a 'bit' daunting but I do love a challenge... next summer I guess I'll have to practice swimming when it's windy, possibly cold and not-so-perfect...  Kelso isn't going to cut it... I guess I'll have to hit Lake Ontario (ugh... it's sooooooooooosssssssoooo... Cccccooolllddd...) but hey - if I can get used to it... just think how much stronger I'll be (as a person)... or something...

Once again I shall proudly write 'Quack' on my hand and keep on reciting my race mantra:  "I'm a rubber duck - you can't break me!"

It's 293 days and counting... or, if you prefer, it's actually 41.857142 weeks...

...tick...tick... tick...

- Sue