Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It IS Easy Being Green ;)

Forget about what you've heard before ('it's not easy being green...'  I can't quite recall - was that Kermit that said that?  I think it was... ) I'm here to tell you that (for me, anyway) it has been SO easy going vegan that I'm pleasantly surprised! 

I'm loving the fact that my tastebuds seemed to have cleaned out and I truly welcome the tastes of fresh vegetables and fruit and really (honestly!) dislike the taste of so much 'dead' food that I had been eating before... breads, pasta, meat {shudder} and other things that just had no life left in them.

I love the fact that my skin looks more radiant and my hair and nails (which always grew really fast before) now grow even more quickly!

I've been putting my KitchenAid food processor and blender through their paces on a daily basis - creating healthy smoothies and delicious entrees.  My husband is really happy on our new diet as well.  He's lost weight and feels fantastic.  

It does require more preparation (obviously) but after trying (with very disappointing results) to go out for dinner - even when the food choices were 'clean', we have noticed a huge difference (likely the culprit is large amounts of sodium, among other things used in restaurants) so we opt to stay home for 98% of our meals now.

I'm waiting (rather impatiently) for the day when I can afford a Vitamix.  I'm dying to make my own nut flours in addition to hot soups without cooking!

Until then, I continue to put my small appliances to good use and allow my creativity in the kitchen to roam free... 

Eat Healthy!

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